Q&A: How Long Until I Start Seeing Results from Sleep Apnea Relief


We were asked:

“How long will I have to take you sleep apnea product before I can see and feel that it is working for me?”

“You should see results from using the Sleep Apnea Relief within 14 days.  It does take longer for some individuals than for others, as the product is all natural and everyone reacts differently. Some individuals need to take as many as two pills per evening, due to higher body weight.”

“Initially, you will see the deep steady breathing from the very first night.  This will continue every night.  However, if you were not using CPAP before, your body will now be ABLE to reach REM sleep (dreaming) more easily and you will go through a period of “REM rebound”.  During the first week or so, you will be re-establishing a normal sleep cycle.  That is why we suggest that you try it for at least 2 weeks.”

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