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Bruise Strain Tear Repair™ — Faster Recovery

Suffer from sprained ankles, ACLs, or ligament tears? Be on your way to a faster recovery with this effective topical gel.

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Reduce Cramp symptoms with Leg Relaxer™

Nature's Rite Leg Relaxer is an easy to use roll-on lotion that uses all natural herbs to address the problem of leg cramps.

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Muscle Honey™ Sports Gel

Improve the performance of the muscles. Muscle Honey represents a new day in herbal sports enhancement.

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Back & Neck Relief ™

Live your day with more energy and less aches! Enjoy this all-natural solution for neck discomfort and headaches. The discomfort can disappear!

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Joint Relief ™

Chronic Discomfort in joints and need fast relief? Now you can get natural relief without hurting your wallet!

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Rash Relief ™ — Wipe them out

Wipe them out, or wait them out. You have discomfort, swelling, flaking? Enjoy a natural and soothing solution.

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Shingleze ™ — Control the Outbreak

Shingleze relief that contains a simple mix of all natural ingredients. Get relief before scaring or skin damage can occur.

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Maui Aui for Sunburn Relief

A unique blend of herbs that relieves discomfort and itching while it supports the repair of healthy tissue to sunburned areas.

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Hot Flash Relief

The Hot Flash Relief™ spray is a water decoction of numerous herbs that have been used by centuries to balance the hormones of women undergoing menopause.

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Hemorrhoid Relief™

The many herbs selected for Hemorrhoid Relief™ are time-tested to quell discomfort and itch.

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