Sleep Products

Sleep Apnea Relief™

Sleep Naturally with herbal relief. Sleep well tonight, free of straps and tubes.

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Restless Leg Syndrome — Leg Relaxer™

Tossing and turning all night? Do your legs feel like they constantly need to move? Restless Legs can be relaxed in 5 minutes.

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Sleep Apnea Explained

In this book, you will learn the actual cause of sleep apnea. This insight covers the physiology, neurology and other mitigating influences on both obstructive and central sleep apnea.

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Whole Body Products

Bruise Strain Tear Repair™ — Faster Recovery

Suffer from sprained ankles, ACLs, or ligament tears? Be on your way to a faster recovery with this effective topical gel.

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Reduce Cramp symptoms with Leg Relaxer™

Nature's Rite Leg Relaxer is an easy to use roll-on lotion that uses all natural herbs to address the problem of leg cramps.

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Muscle Honey™ Sports Gel

Improve the performance of the muscles. Muscle Honey represents a new day in herbal sports enhancement.

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Back & Neck Relief ™

Live your day with more energy and less aches! Enjoy this all-natural solution for neck discomfort and headaches. The discomfort can disappear!

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Joint Relief ™

Chronic Discomfort in joints and need fast relief? Now you can get natural relief without hurting your wallet!

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Rash Relief ™ — Wipe them out

Wipe them out, or wait them out. You have discomfort, swelling, flaking? Enjoy a natural and soothing solution.

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Shingleze ™ — Control the Condition

Shingleze relief that contains a simple mix of all natural ingredients. Get relief before scaring or skin damage may occur.

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Maui Aui for Sunburn Relief

A unique blend of herbs that relieves discomfort and itching while it supports the repair of healthy tissue to sunburned areas.

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Hot Flash Relief

The Hot Flash Relief™ spray is a water decoction of numerous herbs that have been used by centuries to balance the hormones of women undergoing menopause.

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Hemorrhoid Relief™

The many herbs selected for Hemorrhoid Relief™ are time-tested to quell discomfort and itch.

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Digestive Care

Food Poisoning Relief ™

Defend your stomach against food-borne pathogens. Stop them before you become un-comfortably sick. Use Food Poisoning Relief at the first signs of having ingested tainted food.

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Balanced Probiotics — Build strong Good Bacteria

These wonderful chocolate flavored tablets are chock-full of good bacteria and enzymes that are just what you need for good digestion.

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Digestive & Urinary Tonic

When bacterial & fungal problems arise in your intestinal tract, you need powerful help.

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Digestive Rehabilitation Kit

With the Digestive Rehabilitation Kit, it's time to re-seed beneficial bacteria in your gut.

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Digestive Rehabilitation Herbs

The best herbs to re-seed with only beneficial good bacteria.

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Currently we don't have any miscellaneous products in our catalog.

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